Serving Cotopaxi, Westcliffe and the Iron Mountain, Deer Mountain and Copper Gulch areas of Fremont County, Colorado

Supplying your Growing Needs—Sharing our Knowledge—Offering Solutions

Supplying your Growing Needs
Tree Frog Grower Supply offers locally sourced potting soils, as well as soft-sided growing containers, greenhouses and greenhouse supplies and fittings. We are always open to your suggestions for other great gardening products.

Sharing our Knowledge
Although Tree Frog Grower Supply is a new company, we are not new to growing and gardening. Dave is an experienced organic gardener, having grown outdoors and in greenhouses; in-ground and in containers; conventionally and with aquaponics (and loves gardening with fish). He keeps worms for vermi-composting, while constantly experimenting and researching more efficient methods that use less water. His passion is sharing his knowledge with others.

Offering Solutions
Gardening can be a challenge for those of us who live in the high-altitude, arid parts of Colorado, but with greenhouses, water conservation techniques and quality growing supplies we can succeed and our gardens can prosper and richly reward us for our efforts.

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