Paonia Soil Co., makes a line of high quality, professional grade potting soil blends and soil amendments.

While many other soil companies talk about the microbes that they use to inoculate their soils, you will find that they typically add just 20-30 species of organisms. Paonia Soil Co. cultures over 20,000 species of aerobic beneficial organisms, including a balance of fungal, bacterial and micro-arthropod types of microbes.

These beneficial fungal organisms provide a greater resistance to plant disease and help deliver the most organic nutrients in the way nature intended. Most chemical fertilizers kill your soil microbes, but Paonia Soil amendments actually feed beneficial microbes.

In addition to the microbes, Paonia Soil Co. adds various species of micro-arthropods that patrol for and hunt pest insects that may be in the soil. The micro-arthropods also help deliver nutrients to the plants.

While Paonia Soil Co. soils are soil-less style, many also have soil-type materials in them, giving you the benefits of both mediums. These materials are of the highest quality and many are sourced right here in Colorado.