Products offered by Tree Frog Grower Supply:

  Garden Compost  (1.25 cu.ft. bags) mushroom compost, peat moss, humus and composted bark chips  

  Composted Cow Manure
(1.25 cu.ft. bags)

  Peat and Sheep
(1.25. cu. ft. bags)

  Potting Soil
(32-quart bags)  peat moss, mushroom compost, composted bark chips, organic humus,sand, pumice rock

Premium planters Mix
(32-quart bags) peat moss, composted bark chips, mushroom compost, pumice rock, humus

Raised Bed, Tree and Shrub Mix
(1.5 cu. ft. and 1 cu. ft bags) espinola bark, mushroom compost, humus, bark fines, peat moss