The Smart Pot® is a soft-sided fabric container, truly innovative, inexpensive and offering an almost foolproof way to grow plants. Smart Pots® are better than plastic containers and easier than raised beds.

Healthy plants must have happy roots. The Smart Pot® builds happy roots by heat release, aeration, stopping roots from circling and by root pruning.

Heat Release
Roots do not grow in excessive heat. Whereas plastic containers trap and hold heat—as high as 125-degrees, the Smart Pot® releases heat. A recent study showed that the temperatures inside a Smart Pot® were 1/3 cooler than in a traditional plastic pot.

Plastic containers are a closed solid, which eliminate air flow except at the top. The Smart Pot® is made from a porous fabric, allowing air exchange from top to bottom.

Root Circling
When a plastic container is removed from a mature plant, you will find roots circling around and around. Root circling is detrimental to healthy plant growth. When roots hit the side of a Smart Pot®  they set lateral side roots instead of circling.

Root Pruning
When the roots of a plant grown in a Smart Pot® reach the fabric sides, they hit the air. The root tip dries out and new root growth forms from the interior part of the root. This process continues as the plant builds a fuller root structure, using every square inch of the Smart Pot®. More roots means a healthier plant.