Why Should I use Spray-N-Grow?
Most soils in the United States are lacking in sufficient concentrations of both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients that plants require for optimal growth. Farmers often supply macro-nutrients through fertilizers. However, most fertilizers do not include micro-nutrients and supplements containing these necessary micro nutrients are not widely available.

Spray-N-Grow is a micronutrient complex that contains naturally occurring minor elements necessary for plant growth and development that are not contained in regular fertilizers.

Spray-N-Grow activates dormant microorganisms in the soil, enabling plants to better utilize nutrients. It concentrates phosphate at the bud tips and causes the plant to produce more blooms and set more fruit. Spray-N-Grow reconditions the soil and helps restore it back to its natural fertility by restoring microbial activity, and by relieving the built up stress caused by over-fertilization, salt build-up and petrochemical use.

For Increased Yield
Proven to increase yields of 95 crops
Increases yield of vegetables, tree fruit and small fruiting
Increases size, weight and number of fruits and vegetables
Increases yields of flowers, including number of blooms and bloom size

For Higher Quality
Proven to improve quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers
Promotes larger, better developed root structure
Increases soluble solids, sugar content and color in fruit
Increases stem diameter in fruit trees and flowers

For Greater Value to You
Improves storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers
Improves visual appearance of fruits and vegetables
Larger plants with larger leaves